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Methodologies - nodulation and nodule physiology

This is the section for methodologies on Nodulation and nodule physiology.

Submitted methodologies are listed below. As the resource centre expands, methodologies may be grouped. Click on a title to move lower down the page for a brief synopsis and links to files or external web pages.   

Note on isolation and DNA extraction of rhizobia

The following file gives an introduction to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the next two entries for the isolation and extraction of rhizobia from legumes and the extraction and analysis of microbial DNA

File for download" Word 16 kb): Note_on_isolation_and_DNA_extraction_of_rhizobia


Isolation of bacteria from root nodules

SOP Isolation of bacteria from root nodules (Word file 23 kb)


Bacterial DNA extraction and PCR

SOP Nodule bacteria DNA extraction and PCR (Word file 34 kb)


Author: Euan James, James Hutton Institute UK. First published on this site 25 August 2011.

The following protocol has now been replaced by the ones above: Isolation of rhizobia from legume nodules - NB no longer current