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Methodologies - nitrogen budget in crops and forages

This page of the Methodologies section gives information and links to procedure for estimating the nitrogen budget of cropping systems.

Data input sheet for estimating soil-surface N budgets

Here is a spreadsheet which is aimed to help you calculate a comparative 'soil-surface N-balance' analyse (c.f. OECD 2001; Parris 1998) for experiments which gather data from functionally distinct crops or cropping systems, for example with and without legumes.

The N-balance analysis includes an assessment of N surplus [N inputs - N outputs] and N use efficiency [NUE, N outputs/ N inputs] (c.f. OECD 2008). The N-balance data sheet in the file accessible below allows data to be described in relation to productivity using biomass and monetary value for a main crop only or main-crop/sub-crop combinations where co-cropping has occurred as part of a cropping sequence or rotation.

OECD (2001) Environmental indicators for agriculture: methods and results. Vol 3. OECD, Paris, France.

OECD (2008) Environmental performance of agriculture in OECD countries since 1990. OECD, Paris, France.

Parris K (1988) Agricultural nutrient balances as agri-environmental indicators: an OECD perspective. Environmental Pollution 102, 219-225.

File for download: Excel (19 kb) DataInputSheet_SoilSurfaceNBudget [Link to file pending. ]