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Legume Futures is an international research project in the EU Framework Programme 7. The project aims to develop and assess legume-supported cropping systems that will raise the economic and environmental performance of European agriculture.

This web-based Resource Centre is being developed within and subsequent to Legume Futures as a source and repository of information on legumes and legume-based cropping systems. It will continue indefinitely as a legacy of Legume Futures and related work.

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Photographs above show flowering heads of the legumes (left) sainfoin Onobrychis viciifolia, and (right) common restharrow Ononis repens (Squire/Living Field).

Latest ...

  • Botanists in the kitchen (blog, including a mix of recipes and evolutionary biology) on Closing out the international year of pulses....
  • Cereal-legume mixtures: Yang Y et al. 2016. A meta-analysis of relative crop yields in cereal/legume mixtures suggests options for management. Field Crops Research (in press)

Resource centre categories

Information in the Resource Centre may be used and downloaded free of charge. Information can be submitted to the Resource Centre both by participants in the project and by others who wish to make available or share their methodologies, experience and data.

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 Contacts and further information

For further information on the Resource Centre or for advice on downloading and submitting data, please email: legumefutures@hutton.ac.uk.


Flowering branches of lucern (images by squire / living field)

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