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Data sets

Partners in Legume futures collated a range of historical and recent data sets on grain and forage legumes.

All were field-based and many contained information on aspects of the nitrogen cycle and particularly the contribution of legumes to offsetting mineral nitrogen applications.

The data sets will remain available indefinitely as a resource for legume scientists globally

'Historical' data collected before Legume Futures

A range of major field experiments were reanalysed by a consistent approach to estimating nitrogen balances and flows in both grain- and forage-legume systems. Comparisons were made between systems with and without legumes. Attributes examined include total plant production, nitrogen uptake, nitrogen concentration in plant parts, yield and the contribution of N fixate to the total nitrogen needs of the crops or forages.

These historical datasets will remain available for a minimum of five years from the end of the project (until 2019) but are likely to be available beyond that time. The data sets are held on a server https://sigmea.scri.ac.uk/legume/ which can be accessed through a user name and password. Anyone wishing to gain access to the data should contact the Database Manager Mark Young at mark.young@hutton.ac.uk.

A research paper analysing the nitrogen balance, including N fixation, of the above historical data is now accessible online: 

Iannetta et al. 2016. Frontiers in Plant Science 21 November 2016 http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2016.0170

Current data collected as part of the project

Partners in the project undertook field experiments in several countries and agroclimatic regions on N fixation and balances. Datasets arising from this work will be made available either directly from this site or by linkages to the owners of the data.


[Further information and links pending. The data will be held on a separate server]