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General Information - Cooperative and Levy Groups

Cooperative and levy groups use subscriptions by growers and other professionals to establish R&D facilities, usually for a specific geographical area, crop type or cropping system.  They differ from Working groups and Networks in having a base for research, trialling and extension. In some cases the base is part of, or associated with, a university or research institute. Cooperative and levy groups therefore tend be of longer standing and more tied to a community of growers than are Working groups or Networks

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Bean Improvement Cooperative at Michigan State University

The Bean Improvement Cooperative (BIC) 'is a voluntary and informal organisation to effect the exchange of information and materials for ther improvement of bean production worldwide. Members include scientists, students, private organisations and lay-people .....'  Membership is by subscription. The BIC web site gives details of research techniques that have been used to breed common beans (Phaseolus) for resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and gives access to annual reports and articles (see also General information / periodicals for the latter).

Web link: BIC web site at MSU

Processors and Growers Research Organisation (UK)

The PGRO home page states - 'Since its formation in 1944 PGRO has provided UK growers and agronomists with independent, well researched, practical agronomy advice on growing legumes and other field vegetables.' 'PGRO is the UK centre for applied research into temperate peas, beans and other legumes for both animal feed and human consumption'. Its base is the Thornhaugh research station, near Peterborough UK. Membership is by subscription; income is also derived from a range of services. The web site advertises magazines for pulses and vegetables, available to members.

Web link: PGRO