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Projects - Physiology & Biochemistry

Projects on the whole-plant physiology and biochemistry of legumes include work on nutritional composition for food or feed. The emphasis here is on projects that aim to improve existing uses and develop new uses for legumes and legume products.

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Evaluating the nutritional benefits of legume crops

Seed protein concentration of pea and bean varieties

Realising the potential environmental benefits of increased legume cultivation will require new markets for legumes. This project aimed to evaluate the effect of tenderometer value and time from picking-to-freezing on seed protein concentration and soluble amino acid composition in pea and bean varieties.

Contact: Alison Karley, James Hutton Institute Dundee alison.karley@hutton.ac.uk

Summary of project in a word file, 32kb: LFRC_bean_pea_seed_protein_2011_11_07

Web link to funder: Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network 


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